Turbo Monster
Turbo Monster (aka DucCutters)
Custom Italian motorcycles
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"DucCutters" formally known as "TurboMonster" has changed the name of the site to better represent all the people contributing. Not all the projects are Turbo'ed or Monsters, so TurboMonster doesn't really fit anymore. But we all like cutting up Duc's, therefore we are now DucCutters!

The DucCutters club is dedicated to custom Italian motorcycles. This online community is open to anyone who is serious about customizing their Italian motorcycles, sharing information on customized Italian motorcycles and competition. We're continuously adding resources and information to help educate an inform our club members on unique and safe ways to customize their Italian motorcycles.
Visit: www.DucCutters.com
Contact: azbill@DucCutters.com
Possession Studios
Possession Studios
Creative Services
Providing graphic design and photography services since 1991. Our specialty is in catalogs, direct mail materials, packaging designs and website solutions. With an emphasis on professional photography, illustration and layout. Now expanding into social marketing and SEO management!
Visit: www.PossessionStudios.com
Contact: azbill@PossessionStudios.com
Two Gun Arsenal
Two Gun Arsenal
Security Consultants
NRA Trainer
We are firearm and security consultants. We offer an array of services to help individuals protect themselves and their community. We offer everything from "NRA Basic Hand gun" classes, Arizona Concealed Carry Permit training (CCW) to Advance Combat Techniques. Plus training on edge weapons, firearm maintenance and firearm assembly (like building your own AR from parts).
Visit: www.TwoGunArsenal.com
Contact: azbill@TwoGunArsenal.com